Lets get intimate, for Feria's sake

If you've worn a feria dress, you know how hard it is to zip up your dress right?  Are you wearing last year's dress? Maybe now it is a little tighter and you have to suck your stomach and pray that your dress will stay zipped all night?  How about that little darn string that tightens the neckline and shoulders, you have to knot it all the way in the back, and then tuck it, behind the zipper?  Don't forget your mantoncillo, you have to pin your shawl at the back so it falls pretty over your shoulders, right? Not to mention that beautiful loose hair bun embellished with those strategically palaced flowers and comb.

Have you ever had to get ready for feria all alone? Yep, no help to zip up or tie the knot?  How about that mantoncillo? Just hold it in your hand until you get to feria or (God forbid) tie it around your hips and just leave it there.  I never really realized how much help I needed until I had to do it alone. 

So now you find home alone, don't stress here are some tips on what to do so you can make it to feria on time...  Relax your feria godmother is here to help:  

  • Lay out your feria gear, place it on your bed or hanger and start by parts, that is the strategy. 
  • What are you taking to feria? What goes in your dress pockets, and/or purse?  Have that ready, and stuffed in the dress pocket.
  • Put on your feria underwear now, minus the girdle, you don't want to faint so soon. NO sports bras, please!!!
  • Work on your hair. Yes, you are still in your underwear.  If you've followed my posts I recommended practicing hair dos way in February. So you should be a pro, by now.  If not, do this and you will look like you spent top Euros on your head. Don't put your flowers on yet.

Super easy updo.  You will use ir for every special occasion. Guaranteed.

  • Time to put on your face.  Highly recommend, besides the usual moisturizer with spf lotion, to use a primer (I like Lancome La Base) to help hold your makeup until the wee hours of the night.  Did you practice your cat eyes? No, don't worry, but no bare faces allowed. Use a liner, eye shadow, blush and mascara.   Lipstick is a must, but it must complement your skin and dress.  
  • Don't forget to take makeup for touch ups, there will be lots of pictures and selfie opportunities.
  • Now it is time to put your flowers and comb.  You should have practiced this too, for speed.  If not, just put the comb vertically in the back and a large rose or two nestled in between the comb and your head.  Crisscross the pins at the base of the comb and flowers to secure them well. If you must, combs are optional but flowers are a must.

  • Put on accessories, earrings and necklace.
  • Put your control top intimates, hose, girdle, shorts (highly recommended to avoid chafing), a smoothing bodysuit, or all of the above. Smoothing short undies are highly recommended, not only to avoid chafing, but it actually helps your dress slide up or down when using the porta potties.  
  • You are almost done, at this point I like to put on my shoes because they have buckles (I wear flamenco shoes) so if I get dressed then I cannot bend down to close the straps. 
  • Slip into your gorgeous dress and ... you cannot zip it up?! Well zip it until where ever your arms allow it, and cover the rest with the shawl.  Call your neighbor or girlfriend and ask her to meet you at feria entrance, so she can finish the job before everyone else sees you.  Hey, I ask complete strangers to help me.  And in return I pass along the favor at the bathroom lines, where other women need to be unzipped and zipped again.  It is all good feria karma.

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