Seville's 2017 Fair Info

If this year, you visit Seville's April Fair, and you are not familiar with which casetas are free to the public and which are private, the city hall has provided a list.  I have taken the liberty of adapting it for this post which is listed below.  Most political parties, unions, districts or neighborhood casetas are public spaces, so you can just walk in and make yourself at home. However, if you have strong political convictions, be aware that some of these casetas are from political parties, and maybe you don't want to be seen in, for example , the far left and you are more to the right. Ok with that said, this feria is huge (1040 casetas) and even though you may not enter to most of them, take your time to walk around and visit all the streets, to compare decorations and atmosphere. Hey, maybe you may get lucky and a caseta owner will invite you in. Remember to dress well, no shorts or jeans, this is a special party, even if it has dirt floors. A caseta is considered and extension of the owners living room and not everyone is welcome. So be in your best behavior and have fun. Let's Dance!

16 Casetas out of 1040 are open to the public.
Sometimes if the private casetas are empty, they will let you in.
So  don't despair and enjoy Feria.

Information booth located at street: Pascual Márquez # 225SaveSaveSaveSave

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