Feriantes, Happy 2017!

Feriantes, this year starts strong.  It hasn't been three weeks into the year and we already started strong with Feria/Flamenca fashion shows, most of them will be this January with a few in February, then you better get busy with dance classes and choosing what you like of the new tendencies and styles for your dress, hair and accessories.  For now, lets just warm up with your hair.  I know, like every year I advice you practice early so when feria season comes around, you can be out the door is less than 6 hours!  Between the dress, makeup and hair, you will feel the pinch and like any other mayor event, you need to do a dress rehearsal. Remember, Andalusians have a lifetime experience, for them it is easy, but we need practice.  So here is my first tip of the year:

Tip: If you have short hair... Don't cut your hair again.  Well, not until after feria, which should be sometime around the end of May early June. You need every little bit of hair for that micro bun you will wear during feria, and, this is important, and to attach that giant flower to your head, otherwise you will have to glue it on and I don't recommended it :-) 

Here is a video showing us how to create a simple bun for medium short hair. Remember, if your hair is clean it is harder to pin up and if it is too straight, the same problem.  Try to curl your hair and "dirty it" by spraying it with hair spray after curling it, so it has more texture to stay up when pinned, and don't forget to spray it after wards before you leave the house. 

Here is another video with several ideas and looks for feria, this one requires long hair.  I bet you could have used some of these ideas for the holidays, but think, you can still use them for a romantic date, February is around the corner...

Stay tuned for more tips. Until then happy dancing.

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