Black & White Xmas tree and calendar

With Ikea and my neighborhood Euro store, I was able to dress my Xmas tree.
Polka dot paper, after all this is Andalusia.

So for Christmas, I wanted a color coordinated house. I decided on two colors to decorate for the holidays, black and white (snuck in some gold too).  I think it worked.  Here in this neck of Andalusia, there aren't many crafts stores, and Xmas is really all about Nativity scenes and not the tree. Trees are sold and decorated of course, but the selection of Xmas ornaments is... well, lets just say people here don't spend small fortunes on collectible ornaments, like the ones found in Germany.

So the challenge was coming up with black and white ornaments for Xmas. I don't have small children anymore, so a cute Xmas was not necessary.  I wanted a Xmas more grownup and simple.  Besides, I don't have a lot of patience, and don't plan that far ahead, as to order on line the necessary materials months in advanced.  I just had a couple of weeks before the holidays, so I headed to Ikea in Jerez for my supplies and my local Euro store. In a couple of days I was done.  Yes!

Letters bought at Euro store.
They may seem a bit large, but trees here in Spain,
are a bit sparse, so to fill in the gaps I chose large letters

Lucky me, found some wooden letters, and they were already painted white, so I just covered them with white glitter and added a picture hook in the back. They were not too heavy so a glue gun worked really well.  I think each letter was €0.75, the glitter bottle about the same.

Amazing what a little glitter and glue do
 to put you in a holiday mood.

My other great find at the Euro store where these cute jewelry boxes already wrapped in black and white paper with ribbon and all.  I had to get them.  Just attached a gold string to hang. Done.

Mini boxes in black and white already wrapped
to look like gifts form the Euro store.

So my tree was done, now all I need is my calendar...

Materials for Xmas Calendar:
I used a cork board from Ikea. Some black string, wooden miniature clothes pins, black and white wrapping paper, Ikea gift tags and a black marker.  The idea is to have 24 tags counting down the days until Xmas.  On one side there is an activity, such as watching a movie, dancing, coloring, baking, etc, and on the other side the date, so to complete the calendar, I used thumb tacks and pinned the strings to the frame and with the clothes pins I pinned the gift tags, for more decorations I made some paper elf stockings with b/w gift wrap and placed them on either side.  Very simple, all done!

I used miniature clothes pins, you can find similar ones online.
the golden 25 is actually a Xmas ornament from Zara Home.  

Cardboard and wrapping paper to make the stocking.
Punch a whore and pin or tie it.

The gift tag had a design in the back, I left some blank
but others had activities written on them.

This one has an activity,
every day someone in the family flips a card. 
My board is very simple but you can run away with this idea.  You could cover the board with fabric, paint the frame black/white, use templates for the numbers or nice calligraphy...  Maybe even use fancy paper to make the tags, etc. Have fun creating and happy Holidays!

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