Feria Word of the Day: ABANICO

Hand painted abanico

Abanico: A fan, hand held usually foldable, used as a tool to refresh and move the air when there is no current

Fan, originally from China, but many cultures used fans, Egiptians, Greeks, Romans and now widely used in Spain as a fashion accessory

Pericón is a larger fan of about 13 inches long used for dancing, a normal fan is 9 inches long.

Do you know there is a fan language? Here is a sample of the fan lingo:

  • To fan yourself very slowly, or open or close it slowly: I am married and I am not interested. 
  • Fan yourself vigorously: I love you intensely 
  • Close it slowly, or touch your right cheek with the closed fan: “YES” 
  • Close it fast, or touch your left cheek with the closed fan: "NO". 
  • To open and close the fan quickly: Be careful, I am engaged 
  • Drop the fan: I’m yours 
  • Fan yourself lifting your hair, bangs with the fan: I think about you, cannot forget you 
  • To cover yourself with it as shielding your eyes
    from the sun: You are ugly, I don’t like you
For more fan language click here.

Fans as decorations in a store in Jerez.

Fans for sale at Sanlucar's Feria

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