Fashion Recap for Feria 2015

Less than two weeks for the first big Feria of the Season - Sevilla - After sitting in several fashion shows, and scoping the windows of almost all Flamenca stores in Sevilla and Jerez... 

I can say that solid colors are big, especially yellow.  

Yellow in SIMOF 2015

Pilar Vera, SIMOF 2015
Black, red and polka dots are always in style, but classic dots weren't the main focus at the fashion show.  Don't worry you can't go wrong with classic polka dots.

Abanico de Vélez

Sonia e Isabelle does wonders with dots and lace.  Two piece outfit.

Vintage look at Sonia e Isabelle, Seville

The introduction of gold in almost all the accessories, and on dresses too, gold prints, like Gustav Klimt.  Accessories should not be too shiny, just antique gold.  

SIMOF 2015, Gold dress and tiny hair combs on head

I think "El Dorado" is here in Sevilla.

Gold Print dress, SIMOF Seville

Bright colors as well as muted, pastels colors are the choice for this year's dresses, but not fluorescent or neon colors, so toss it out, it is probably too old (several years too old) to wear it again.

Muted , soft colors, far from boring

Soft contrasting colors
Flamenka show in Jerez

Flower prints are still very big, yes those grandma prints, that somehow look so wonderful in a Flamenca dress or skirt.

Wonderful floral dress in Seville, SIMOF 2015

2 piece floral skirt and beige blouse

Another skirt with flowers and bright blouse with interesting sleeves 

Embroidered shawls with smaller fringes are what a plain pastel dress needs.

Prints, embroidery or velvet shawls add interest to a solid dress
Striking combination for an orange dress

Embroidered pink shawl in a store in Seville

One plain rose is a classic, but flower bunches, prairie flowers, hydrangeas and carnations are very big this year.  Some designers have introduced gold flowers that work really well with the gold prints.

Hydrangea in similar colors matching the purple dress

flower bunches
Gold roses add a striking touch to this fabulous outfit from
Vicky Martin Berrocal
photo credit:, thank you.

Lace tops are big, in sexy black or red for a very modern look, and the classic white or off white, go really well with the floral vintage style skirts.

Lace and baby Jesus!  Love it.

Sleeves, please, please please, wear sleeves.  Dresses are so elegant with sleeves.  The ruffles are bigger, the sleeves wider, it really makes a big difference. So wear sleeves, please.

Sleeves add volume and interest to the outfit

This sleeve works well with the outfit, it balances proportions of a very ornate skirt

You can really do wonderful things with a sleeve

Accessories, earrings and combs, are very colorful, don't be shy and just wear one, wear many.  If you don't feel comfortable with huge flowers and combs, use many baby combs and flowers all over the head for maximum impact without feeling like the "crazy flower lady".

Notice the hair accessories, flower and shawl
From Pilar Vera, SIMOF 2015.
Photo credit  Thank you.

Flamenka show in Jerez

Amparo Macia show, Jerez
Classica coral earring, center

Hair is still up and polished, not every hair in its place but a bun is the style. It is classic, and goes well with all dress styles.  

Different hair dos, but all hair is up

Hair doesn't have to be perfect, just up and polished

Up do and carnations with gold jewelry

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