Lucky us! - we made it to SIMOF

Fresh Carnations for these flamencas.
Pilar Vera

Once again it was time to get my camera, invite a whole bunch of friends to come with me to Sevilla, and have fun looking at several fashion shows in SIMOF, The flamenca fashion show held once a year in Sevilla.  I love to compare notes on taste and style with my girlfriends. And a diverse group, in taste, I found out.

This year, our group was larger than usual, so we had to break into smaller ones.  Some from Rota, and another group from El Puerto de Santa Maria.  The idea was to stay overnight, so we could stay to closing time in SIMOF, and then enjoy the night out in Sevilla.

We planned to meet in Sevilla for lunch, most did, but my group did not make it.  My group barely made it out of Jerez into the highway to Sevilla, when Anna's car got a flat.  What luck! Ok, a few minutes of panic, and then we started thinking straight again.  Anna had just finished saying,  "I love my car, it has been so good to me, it is so reliable", when the next minute, it had the flat. We could not believe it.

We missed lunch with the rest of the group in Sevilla, waiting for the tow truck to arrive, when highway assistance truck drove by and helped us.  He changed the tire for free!  But the car still had to be towed, it wasn't safe to drive and the car returned to Puerto.  We continued the trip with just one car.

Group picture

Finally arrived to Sevilla and starving. Had a quick bite to eat across the Expo, and then dashed to the main entrance.  Met up with the rest of the group and happy to report, no more unlucky episodes.  

Buying our tickets

Once inside the Expo, it was second nature.  This is my third year at SIMOF.  We grabbed the publications from the show, walked around to see the vendors and take pictures, and when it was time, we stood in line for the show.  This Year, we chose Pilar Vera, Margarita Freire and Loli Vera designers.  All of them were fabulous, but the first two were my favorite.

Pilar Vera, was elegant creative with the wonderful prints and hair.  She had models in beautiful dresses in all colors.  First there was a parade of flowers.  All of her dresses were a celebration of spring.  The models themselves looked like flower bouquets.  The flowers where all over, flower prints, flowers on their heads and even flower bunches pinned to the mantoncillos (shawls).  Dresses in pure white walked the runway, and all the colors of the rainbow folled, all the way to the rich red with gold and black tones.  These were show stoppers.  The dresses resembled Gustav Klimt's paintings.  Pilar Vera did not disappoint.  These dresses where exquisite, models wore simple elegant designs and hair, with little flowers adorning their head. with Pilar Vera sometimes less is more.

Pilar Vera with three muses like the ones in
Maria Luisa Park, La Glorieta.

This dress was gold, looks like a painting from Gustav Klimt.  Lovely.
Pilar Vera

Polka dots are always present ,but prints ruled the fashion show this year.
Pilar Vera

Flowers where placed on the back of the mantoncillo, and little flower buds all over the head.
Pilar Vera

Woman in Red. Just amazing.

As expected, the flamenca fashion is influenced by the regular fashion
 and this reminds me of D&G.

Accessories of old gold coins and large golden hoops. Jeweled belt for a baroque touch.

Designer Margarite Freire, had a whole different style, her collection had many two piece outfits, and many 'batas' (lose simple and comfortable dresses or skirts) for the pilgrimage to 'El Rocio'.  Also interesting outfits that reminded me of the mountain bandits that live in the mountains of Andalucia, 'bandoleros'.  Some Amazonas outfits, gray skirts used for riding horses, with beautifully crafted blouses with cascading ruffles in the front (chorreras).  The color yellow dresses was very much present in all shows.

Prints and more prints, paisleys, flowers, angels...
Bandolera, left and two piece dresses right
Margarita Freire

Beautiful skirt
Yellow and fuchsia

Designer Loli Vera, had very interesting mix of fabrics and prints, mainly geometric figures like diamonds.  Many of her dresses also had glitter, I'm not sure I really like this, but I'm not a designer.  And interesting addition to the design were the many zippers on the dress.  Some had zipper in the front and back.  This would solve the problem of getting dressed in a jiffy and on my own. Out of the three designers, she was the only one that had wedding dresses, and very Andalucian, with ruffles and large comb included. Striking.

Loli Vera

Loli Vera

Loli Vera

Loli Vera

Zippers! many of her dresses had front and back zippers.
Loli Vera 

Loli Vera
Wedding dress with mantilla and comb by Loli Vera

Detail of the mantilla on wedding dress by Loli Vera

More photos to feast the eyes...

Baroque jeweled prints at  Margarita Freire

Red, green or aqua.  Stunning combinations
Margarita Freire
How cute is this?!
Margarita Freire

Yellow at Loli Vera and Margarita Freire.  Pilar Vera had yellow too (not shown)

Gray dress, but not boring at all. Loli Vera

Lovely red dress, I don't think the hat was necessary.
Loli Vera

Loli Vera

End of Show by Pilar Vera

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