We Love Flamenco Fashion Show 2015

Raquel Terán was in 2014 show

This is the third edition of the show.  It is usually celebrated downtown Sevilla. At the Hotel Alfonso XIII.  The event is much smaller and more intimate that SIMOF fashion show, and the quality of the show is just as good, some will say better.  Many of the big names previously in SIMOF, have actually chosen to only have one show and We Love Flamenco platform is the one of choice. Smaller with less seats available, but don't worry the fashion news blogs make sure we don't miss one detail about it. Just search Wapissima and We Love Flamenco and you will be able to see most designs.  If I'm lucky I will be able to visit some shows, so I'll keep you posted too.

To buy tickets click here.  Tickets are €10 each, I recommend to stay for more than one.  Once you are there, you will want to see more. 

We Love Flamenco 2015 Program
Wednesday January 14
12:30h Concurso de Noveles

17.30h Cañavate

18.30 Curro Durán

19.30 José María Tarriño

20.30h Luisa Pérez

21.30h Eloy Enamorado

Thursday January 15 2015 

17.30h Rosario Solís

18.30h Camacho Ríos

19.30h Fabiola

20.30h Pol Núñez

21.30h Taller de Diseño

Friday January 16 2015 

13.30h Desfile Fundación Sandra Ibarra contra el cáncer

16.30h Azahares

17.30h Ángela Campos – Artepeinas

18.30h Marieta – El Nene

19.30h Manuela Macías

20.30h Rocío Olmedo

21.30h Raquel Terán

Saturday January 17 2015 

11.30h Viviana Iorio12.30h Carmen Fitz

13.30h Ángeles Verano

16.30h Carmen Acedo

17.30h Pepe Jimenez “El Ajolí”

18.30h Pitusa Gasul – Aralba Verdú

19.30h Pepa Garrido

20.30h María José Collantes

21.30h Sánchez Murube

Sunday January 18 2015 

11.30h Consolación Ayala

12.30h Mercedes Dobenal

13.30h Mario Gallardo

16.30h Javier Jiménez

17.30h Mónica Méndez

18.30h Inma Torres – Manuela Romero

19.30h María Carmen Raimundo – Faralaes – Isabel Pérez

20.30h Juan Boleco – Rocío Muñoz

21.30 Sergio Vidal


  1. We've just discovered your blog! It is very neat! Thanks for sharing our culture!

  2. Thank you! Love your designs - Ajolí! :-)