Barbie - ¡Que Guapa!

Barbie You Look Stunning!

This past february, the Mercedes Benz Flamenca fashion show in Jerez, took place in the beautiful Bodegas of Tio Pepe.  Besides the real fashion show, there was a special guest invited to the event.  It  was Barbie, Barbie and her friends. With the most amazing outfits for Feria. 
More than 400 Barbies and friends were dressed in Flamenca, gala dresses, gypsy dresses, bullfighter suit of lights, even the Duchess of Alba's doll was invited to Barbie's party.  Barbie wore her hair up, wore large earrings, and a peineta, big hair comb, with roses adorning her hair. Not one single detail was missing.

I thought the dolls were amazing, and not just me, most visitors where amazed at the true to life depiction of Andalusian culture throughout the many festivities celebrated in Andalusia.  There was the bullfight in Sevilla, Feria, gypsies singing in the caves of Sacromonte Granada, the Rocio pilgrimage to Ayamonte, a flamenco show at a bodega, and the fashion show in Jerez…
Elegant Ken wearing a suit of Light. "traje de luces"

You could almost hear the crowd cheering the bullfighters leaving the bullring
a glass of good Sherry to celebrate the event, and then dancing, singing and guitar playing.

I asked if the dresses were on sale, just one, Tio Pepe's uniform, the emblematic red jacket with black skirt. €80!



Feria's main gate, on the left a gypsy girl selling flower to a couple.

Inside a caseta in feria.

Pilgrimage to Ayamonte, to see the Virgin of El Rocio.

Barbie never looked better.  She is even wearing a "Mantón de Manila" spanish shawl.
Will they bring back the Barbie exhibit or take it to other Fashion shows, next year or even a museum? No one knows. Lets hope it does return next February, so we have a chance to see it one more time.

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