Flamenca Fashion shows for 2015

Pasarela Flamenca in Jerez 2014

Everything happens fast.  In a blink on an eye, while we are recovering from the holidays, the Flamenco Fashion world, is working hard to give the final touches to the most important and waited Flamenco dress Fashion shows.  If you have never been to one of these shows, well, Sevilla is the Mecca.  If you can't make it to any of these big production shows in Sevilla, Jerez is also pretty nice and much smaller and intimate.  The setting in Jerez takes place in Tio Pepe's bodega, with the sherry barrels on the background and the public sipping sherry.  All this make memories extra special.  For folks that live east of Andalusia, Andújar is the place to go.  I personally have never been there, but on the maps, it is about 3 + hours away from Jerez, and just past Córdoba.  I have seen pics in fashion news, and it looks like tons of fun.

Once the big shows are over, the fashion pages begin posting photos of some great designs.  Not too many, because they don't want knockoffs.  Then, as feria date approaches, a ton of pictures are releases, by then it is too late to copy the styles.  Nice strategy, right?  Below is a list of the most important Flamenca fashion shows to follow.  I will post more info as it becomes available.

We Love Flamenco: January 14 - 18, 2015. Location: Hotel Alfonso XIII, Sevilla.  Tickets on sale now, buy tickets here.

The poster for the show

SIMOF: February 5 - 8. Fibes expo center in Sevilla. Click here for 2015 Program.

Past posts and photos about:
SIMOF 2013
SIMOF 2014 and here

Mercedes Benz Pasarela Flamenca of Jerez: February 12 - 15 of February 2015. At Tio Pepe bodega. Past post of this event and for programa and tickets click here. Tickets only cost €5!  So there is no excuse, come and get your glamour fix, you won't see Feria the same way ever again.

In Jerez

Andújar Flamenca: March 6 - 7.  A little over 3 hours from Jerez, and further east of Córdoba, Andújar is another important flamenco fashion post.

Two intense days of flamenca fashion, starting Friday March 6 evening through Saturday with Plaza de España and Plaza de la Constitución, as backdrop. It will have 4 local designers, Carmen España, Vanesa Juárez, Imaculada Aranda, Ángeles Ruíz. Also 7 well known designers from other cities of Andalusia, Cisco Romero, Atelier Rima, Ana Morón, Loli Vera, María de Gracia, Sara de Benítez, and Pilar Vera.

Tickets will be available starting Feb 23 at Centro Comercial Abierto of Andújar hours: 09:00 - 14:00 and del 17:00 - 20:00. Only two tickets per person.

Video: Mercedes Benz Pasarela Flamenca in Jerez 2014

There will be many fashion shows around most towns in Andalucia.  Smaller and less glitzy than these.  Some will be for charity, to benefit the local of breast cancer society, others for children/women organizations.  Some will even raffle a dress. So there will be lots of fashion, dress ideas, make-up, hairdo ideas, to see and copy, some to admire, and others just to laugh at. As always lots of fun.

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