Gerry's Pizza in El Puerto

You can now buy Gerry's pizza all year long.

Gerry is Italian and he makes great pizza.  He is now a permanent addition to El Puerto de Santa Maria's food businesses.  You may already know him and his pizza.  He would open shop 6 months in Puerto, the warm months, and then travel north for the rest of the year.  But he likes it here, so he is now here all year long and not going anywhere. Yeah! My kids are doing the victory dance.

You can watch him make pizza.

If you haven't been to his pizzeria, Gerry's Pizza is located downtown in El Puerto de Santa Maria, across from los Portales restaurant, on Ribera del Rio street, on a little corner, by an alley way.  He has few tables, nothing fancy, just great pizza and Gerry's smiling face.  You can buy by the slice, or the whole pie, and you can take it with you.  The menu is small, but there is something for everyone.

Happy customers.

Ciao Gerry!

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