Feria Posters, it is all in the design.

"Para gustos, los colores"

We have colors for different tastes,  more or less goes the saying, and the same goes for Feria posters.  Most years, everyone smiles with delight when their town's Feria poster is released.  Many people collect them, but when a Feria poster is … well "caca".  Folks are not happy.

I know of at least two posters, people have loved and others have hated, and since free time and imagination is what people have… Let me show you some of the fun things people do to Feria posters. Take for example, this year's Malaga poster,

Taking minimalism to the extreme.
Does this really invite you to party in Malaga?

People weren't happy and responded with their version of the poster,

and this "caca" poster! Ha ha ha ha.

On the other hand, this next poster from Córdoba's Feria, was fabulous, but people still had fun with it.  Not too many times does a guy have the lead role in a Feria poster...

Original Poster, just lovely.

I guess guys thought otherwise, maybe it showed a man's soft side.  Too vulnerable maybe?
So this version is much better.

or how about these ones?

Juan Tamariz

Even Ecce Uomo made it to the poster. 

Did you hear about this famous and infamous event?  Oh, you have to read this, Ecce Uomo.

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