DIY Rose Earrings (Dolce Gabbana style)

I like making things, I just don't have too much time, so it has to be quick and simple.  When I get the urge to make something, I cannot wait to order material, so I usually buy random craft supplies, and when the inspiration comes, I have the materials on hand.   

One day I saw this really cute and cheap rose necklace, I immediately new I had to buy it, with the intention of taking it apart, not wearing it.  So the necklace sat there for a while until I decided to make earrings out of it.

Before breaking it to pieces

Dolce & Gabanna created a mamma collection a few years ago and it is beautiful, very similar with what I already had in mind.

 Dolce & Gabbana mamma collection
D&G mamma collection

Almost done

I save all broken earrings and necklaces, even watches,
 I think I can make something out of them

What you need to make these earrings,  

  • Cheap but cute necklace or buy from your favorite bead/craft store.
  • Necklace chain, could be from another broken necklace
  • Some beading wire
  • Little mustard beads
  • Jewelry pliers and wire cutter
  • Some imagination or inspiration (like Dolce & Gabbana)
I forgot to mention that the flowers were sitting in a filigree base connected to each other.  I just had to cut the ring connecting the flowers to the center flower and that was it.  If you are doing it by scratch you may want to buy a filigree base like the ones here, or flowers beads with holes so yo can thread them.

Finished product.

In the end, when I was done with the earrings, I had the middle rose left, 
so I just attached it with some wire to an existing pin I had for Feria, I now  have a new pin.

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