IKEA also has a "caseta" at the Feria of Jerez

When IKEA opened a few years ago in Jerez, it was a big event just like all other IKEA openings, but this one had a special twist.  Feria was around the corner, so the IKEA folks thought, why not use this opportunity to see how creative the people of Jerez were?  

IKEA lunched a competition: the first person to arrive at the opening of the store with a flamenco inspired song about IKEA, would win something like € 1500 store credit.  It could be a buleria, a fandango, a sevillana, etc.  

I don't know if the IKEA group new what they where getting themselves into, because the talent here in Andalusia is limitless.  Everyone can sing, play an instrument, dance and they all have great rhythm.  You just need to keep your eyes and ears open and soon you will hear a beautifully sung fandango by the man sweeping the street.  Then around the corner a man painting a wall will hum a Soleá, and a motorcyclist will zoom by singing a great tango flamenco!  

So, what happened? IKEA was inundated with talent, check out the wining song below:

That same year a big surprise at feria was the IKEA caseta (tent), won 2nd price for best caseta in the corporate category. 

Every year Jerez Feria, has a caseta decoration competition, one category for individuals (clubs, brotherhoods, etc.) and the other for corporations.  IKEA furnished the entire caseta with IKEA furniture, floors included.  Which is a big plus for us dancers, and the only caseta with A/C!  But it was so packed during feria, it was almost impossible to squeeze into it, even to take a peek, so on Sunday, the last day, when no one is around I went to check out the decoration. Pretty cute and fun.  Well done IKEA!

IKEA caseta 2012.

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