Arriving to Feria by horse

Some people choose to enjoy feria on a horse.  This is one of my favorite sights of feria.  Horse and rider.  If riding a horse, one must wear the appropriate gear.  Writen regulation specifies this to preserve the elegant ways of Feria.

The rider wears a suit with a short bolero like jacket,  high waist pants, hat or "sombrero cordobés", and riding boots called “Traje de Corto”.  Women can wear the same pantsuit or the skirt version of the "corto" called “amazonas”.   Too complicated?  Yes, but they have been doing this for generations.  They’ve got the hang of it, never the less, this is why it takes months of preparation and one must not forget to dress the horse, mane and all.

Ok. this is not a horse, but you get the idea...
Waiting for passengers

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