Arriving to feria by car

Parking in Feria (Seville, Rota, Puerto, Jerez, Sanlucar to mention a few) is not that hard, it just takes a little time and patience to find a space.  Smaller ferias have closer parking to the grounds, large ferias, like Seville are far away.  Even in Jerez parking is very close.  If you fall into the group that has special parking, you probably have a reserved spot right at the fairgrounds, but the rest of us park in the neighboring streets, or in the far away lots and take a bus.  If you live close by you can even walk several blocks to feria.  I like to pay a few Euros to the man in charge of finding a spot on the streets and I'm done.

Many people walk to feria then at night they catch a cab.

Tip # 1 for feria, remember where you parked, because after  3, 4 or 5 a.m., and several sherries, not even God will help you find your car! And the guy that helped you park, is gone! 

Parking in Seville's feria is great, they are very efficient.  You arrive to the parking lot by following a red line painted on the pavement.  Once there, a whole network of folks flag you down to the available spot.  So you park, now remember the parking lot number and then take the free bus to feria.  A few minutes later, the bus drops you off at one end of the grounds (where the rides are) and you walk the rest of the way to your caseta

Leaving Seville's feria you must pay your parking ticket by the bus stop and then catch the same bus that takes you back to your car.  After this, it's all smooth sailing, except for the thousands of cars that are leaving the parking lot at the same time you are.  Patience there is no other way.

Lots prefer the bus.  El Puerto de Santa Maria.
So Seville's fair is the biggest one with kilometers of parking.  Jerez is right downtown so most of the people park in the neighboring streets, as well as Rota's fair.  El Puerto de Santa Maria's fair is outside of town and has several dirt lots where you can park.  Sanlucar has the beach street parking and neighboring streets.  Parking will cost you about € 3-5.  Some people don't want to pay so they park further away and walk a few minutes to save.
One word of warning, if you are parking in a dirt lot, be careful where you park, these lots are sand and you can get stuck if the sand is too soft.  One year, in Puerto it rained so much, that the lots were flooded and there were was no place to park, and to make things worse the buses decided to go on strike.  That was not fun.

A motorcycle is also a good choice. Usually the parking is closer.

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