Feria de Sevilla

On April 24, 2012, the "Feria de Sevilla", officially opened feria season in Andalusia.   Seville's fair is the most famous fair of Andalusia.  It is huge!  Over 1000 casetas,  temporary rooms that are decorated like a living room and some even like a hotel lobby.  You can walk for hours if you want to see them all.  Most, however, are private, members and guests, by invitation only, can visit the casetas.  Most casetas are small narrow, but deep.  The have curtains, mirrors, chairs, tables, decorations, paintings, flowers, vines and anything else to decorate the room.  Some fairs have prices for the best decorated caseta.  
Sevilla 2003

Elegant men with suits and ties walk the streets of the fair, ladies wear the traditional "traje de gitana" with matching dresses for their little girls.  And just as many horses, and horse drawn carriages are out there too. Watch out! or you'll get run over. 

Sevilla 2011
The main attraction of these large fairs is the portal, which is huge and the design and shape of the portal changes every year.  On the eve of the first day of feria, called the night of the fish, "cena del pescaito", members have a private dinner of fish, at their caseta to wait for the oficial lighting of the portal.  Seville's Mayor, artists, anyone who is rich and famous are all there. 

Sevilla 2012
During feria, the night turn into day and days into nights, it is all one big lunch and one late dinner, with little breaks for dancing.  

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