Jerez - Viernes Flamenco 2019

At the Alcázar of Jerez

Friday, July 12
Felipa del Moreno,
Guitar: Manuel Valencia.
Percussion: Luis de Perikín,
Palmas: Manuel Cantarote, Juan Diego Valencia and Juan Grande,
Piano: la Reina Gitana.

Friday, July 19
Part I 
Peña Flamenca La Buena Gente,
Cante: Alfonso Carpio ‘Mijita’,
Guitar:José Gálvez,Vocals: Estefanía Zarzana and Sandra Zarzana,
Palmas: José Rubichi and Carlos Grilo,
Dancer: Marta Carpio.
Part II
Cante: Pedro ‘El Granaino’
Guitar: Diego AmayaPalmas: Manuel Vinaza and José Peña.

Friday,26 de July,
Centro Cultural Flamenco Don Antonio Chacón presenting
Cante: Antonio Malena, Tomás Rubichi, Alfonso Núñez ‘El Purili’, Coral de los Reyes, Ana de los Reyes and Eva Rubichi
Dance: Rocío Martín
Guitar: Domingo Rubichi and Ismael Heredia
Palmas: Ali de la Tota and José Rubichi.

Friday, August 02
Peña Flamenca Los Cernícalos presenting
Cante: Luis Moneo, Nano de Jerez, Carmen Grilo, David Carpio, Pedro ‘Niño de la Fragua’, Manuel Moneo Carrasco, José ‘El Berenjeno’ and Manuel Fernández ‘El Gordo’,
Dance: Mª José Franco
Guitar: Juan Manuel Moneo and José de Pura
Special guests: Ana María López, Pepe ‘El Zorri’ and José Rubichi.

Friday, August 09
Tomasa ‘La Macanita’ with guest Fernando Soto.
Guitar: Manuel Valencia,
Palmas: Chicharito and Manuel Macano,
Piano: José Zarzana,
Harp: Ana Crismán,
Percussion: Carlos MerinoVocals: Mila Méndez, May, Rocío and María del Cañero.

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 We Love Flamenco 2019

You know that spring is fast approaching in the south of Spain when you see an explosion of colors and ruffles.  The first fashion show(s) for feria presented us with designs evoking mother earth and cosmic vibes.  There were many romantic and classic styles too.  New this year, were dresses with geometric patterns, lines, triangles, houndstooth, and of course dots, huge dots!

Dresses by designer Mónica Méndez showed us big bold dots over jewel tones.  These were some of my favorites.  They were classic with a modern twist, most had v necklines, but a few caught my attention with high necks covered with lots of chockers.  Just beautiful.

Other shows presented us with very simple dresses and skirts with just a single ruffle swirling up the dress.  Very elegant and refreshing.  Ladies, this year there are lots of skirts, which is great news if you are worried about your outfit on your instagram feed, change the blouse and you have a new look. Problem solved. 

Spotted many floral dresses, very romantic, like a Botticelli painting. I even think some had empress waistlines.  

For the graphic dresses, designers used flowers and polka dots, to balance the lines on them.

There were monochromatic dresses, white on white dots, and black on black dots.  Everything but boring.  Skirt lengths were pretty much the same as other years, above the shoe and ruffles came in many shapes and sizes.  However, the skirts seemed looser (still tight, but less) allowing for easier movement and more comfort. 

Shawls were present in some shows, but they weren't the main accessory.  The show stoppers were the extra large ones, saved for special occasions and weddings.  Accessories are big, layered, evoking summer, corals, like a Sicilian vacation or an Italian summer.  Others fantasized with yesterday's Cuba and its people, some dresses brought memories of  "Celia Cruz", the uber salsa queen.  One in particular design, a model all in white from head to toe, transported me to the city of Miami, where many times I have seen these Cuban ladies, head wraps and long dresses in white, by the beach, with offerings to the water Gods.

I leave you here with Pol Nuñdz fashion show at We Love Flamenco 2019 in Seville.

Happy New Year!!

photo credit: Janelle Burton

Here are the first fashion shows of 2019:
We Love Flamenco (WLF) fashion show. 

When: January 16 - 20 
Where: Salón Real of Hotel Alfonso XIII, Sevilla
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Viva by WLF
When: January 23 - 26
Where: Casino de la Exposición, Seville
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When: Feb 7 - 10
Where: FIBES convention center in Seville
by the way, if you are from Rota, you will be delighted that the 2 top dancers in your town will be performing in SIMOF.  Laura Pirri (Feb 7) and Ofelia Marquez (Feb 9)
Pasarela Flamenca of Jerez
When: Feb 14 - 17
Where: Bodegas González Byass in Jerez